rokoAliases: Roko, Gruth, Dieter

Gruth is a fresh Experimental Techno project drawing influence from Nordic darkness of metal, industrial and classical music. DJ sets of Gruth have been featured in Berlin’s Atonal festival as well as Insomnia Festival in Norway.

ROKO is a true veteran DJ who will draw you to the floor with an energetic and eclectic mix of UK underground, house, techno and much more. The Finnish selector emerged from the UK underground scene and has been playing a weekly show on the #1 bass music internet radio SUB.FM for the past 7 years.

Highlights of ROKO’s DJ career include playing in the legendary Berghain as well as in Berlin clubs such as Tresor and about:blank.

A sub-bass addict since day one, ROKO has been mixing beats since 2005 when getting deeper into the emerging sounds of the UK underground. Originally hailing from Helsinki, the Finnish selector, now based in Berlin, was a London resident from 2002 until 2009.

He has played seven years as a weekly regular on the international #1 bass music internet radio SUB.FM as well as promoted a cutting edge club night B.O.M.B@Cafe1001 going down monthly at the heart of Brick Lane since 2007. During the last years ROKO has played gigs around Europe. ROKO’s selection represents modern bass music’s diversity and undefined nature encompassing styles from the deeper and more musical end to the harder and more dance floor orientated flavours.

Highlight of ROKO’s DJ career has been playing a set at the SUB:STANCE night held at the legendary night club Berghain. He has also played in Berlin clubs such as Tresor, Horst Krzbrg, Gretchen and about:blank.

Previously ROKO was co-organising a Hotflush night at Horst Krzbrg with the labels head honcho Scuba, currently he is part of the Shlomp party collective.

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